Mar 18

American and JetBlue get divorced

But it was a nice marriage while it lasted.

American Airlines recently announced that it was eliminating its partnership with JetBlue Airways.  It was really a partnership of convenience for American and a seat-filler for JetBlue, so the latter will be the loser in this deal.

Prior to the announcement, AA had an agreement with JB that its members could earn AA miles on certain flights out of Boston and New York.  American had a lot of international traffic that fed into those cities, particularly JFK, but not many connecting flights internally.  For example, a passenger traveling from London to Charleston, SC, could fly AA (or a partner) to New York, but there was no way to connect without taking a second stop.  That passenger would have ended up on Delta.  The partnership with JetBlue, however, allowed that passenger to fly into New York and connect to JetBlue flight to earn AA miles.  Voila!  AA got the expensive trans-Atlantic flight and JetBlue filled another seat.

The AA/US Airways merger eliminates that need.  For passengers flying into a non-gateway city in the US, the new combined airline connect the traveler in the powerful Philidelphia hub (formerly a US Airways hub) and route them pretty much anywhere from there.

Goodbye, JetBlue.  We hardly knew ye.

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