Nov 19

Administration notes

1) Thanks to those of you who have contacted me.  I definitely appreciate the suggestions, given the “youth” of this blog.

I recently learned that there has been a significant delay between the time that you send your email and the time I receive it.  Several days, in fact.  I apologize for the delay and will try to determine the cause.

In the meantime, you can hunt me down in one of two ways: First, leave a comment to a post.  Or second, email me directly at frequentflyermiles101@gmail.com.

2) One of the promises I made when I started the site is that I would make a note whenever I stand to personally benefit from something, so here is the first example: I added google adsense to the blog.  I’ve set it up so that it’s unobtrusive, but I do make money if you click on an ad.  It’s only a few cents, but I don’t want to draw lines as to “what counts” and “what doesn’t count.”  Thanks for your understanding.



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