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Nov 27

A “Hidden” JetBlue Credit Card Bonus: 60,000 Points

As points go, JetBlue’s TrueBlue points are among the most valuable. Since award prices are variable and depend on how much the ticket would cost if you purchased it with cash, they can be used for any flight. A good rule of thumb is that each point is worth about 1.5 cents toward the value of a flight, although they have a somewhat lower value if you are using them toward JetBlue’s premium Mint product.

The 60,000 Point Card

And get to fly in this awesome blue cabin

JetBlue offers a couple of different credit cards, a free one and one that will cost you $99 per year but comes with better benefits. The second card is the one that I’m going to concentrate in this post.

The card normally gives you a 30,000 point bonus after you spend $1,000 in the first 90 days, but Doctor of Credit has found one that gives you an even better bonus, allowing you to rack up 60,000 points. You can find the application link here and there don’t appear to be any limits as to who can apply for it but, obviously, I can’t make any promises. I do not offer this card through my personal links.

This card is best of breed and comes with a lot of valuable benefits even without the sign-up bonus, which is worth about $900 in JetBlue flights. Chief among them are six points for every dollar that you spend on JetBlue flights, a 5,000 point bonus every year and free checked bags.

I have this card and if you ever fly JetBlue, you should, too.


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