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Feb 09

A He Said/She Flushed Story

Every once in a while, you get an airline story that is simply too strange to be true. And when you do, you can almost be certain that Spirit Airways was involved.

Spirit Airlines And The Emotional Support Hamster

spirit air

Places that your emotional support hamster can’t go

There have been several recent reports that airlines, led by Delta and United, are starting to crack down on emotional support animals.  I dunno, maybe it was the peacock that somebody tried to claim was an ESA on a United flight. So when a college student wanted to bring her emotional support hamster on a Spirit flight, she did the right thing and called the airline, who told her that she could bring her furball. Both parties stipulate to that.

Here’s where their stories diverge. According to Spirit, the agent offered to let her board a later flight while she looked for a hamster Airbnb, which would be a divergence from their traditional policy of “board now or we’re not responsible.” The student, however, had a different story. According to her, the Spirit employee told her that the hamster couldn’t board, and that she had a choice of flushing her hamster or letting it go outside¬†if she wanted to board. The student flushed the hamster.

I wasn’t there and have no idea what was or wasn’t said. I do know enough executives at the airline, though, to know that they would be horrified if this event transpired as the student claimed it did.


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