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Jun 05

A Couple Of Goodies From JetBlue

I’ve always had a soft spot for JetBlue. Decent service, in-flight entertainment and cheap prices. But the best thing about the airline is that it has frequent promotions. Here are a couple.

Up to 6,000 Bonus Miles from Boston Or New York


The 6,000 TrueBlue points promos are among the most common for JetBlue. For this one, you need to fly from Boston to earn bonus points. In particular:


Fly to Boston to see the 2017 World Champion Boston Red Sox

Of particular interest is the option to earn the bonus by flying one-ways instead of round-trips. There’s nothing to stop you from booking¬†your two legs independently, which would get you the extra segments. It shouldn’t make a difference in terms of price. That way, you can get the full bonus with the equivalent of two round-trips instead of three.

So what about New York? Turns out that you can just change the letters “BOS” in the above URL to “NYC” and it will bring up the same promotion for New York members. No word on whether you can double-dip by flying back and forth between Boston and New York.

Up to 20,500 TrueBlue Points from WeWork


My hint: Try to drink the equivalent of your membership fee in free coffee

This one isn’t going to be for everbody but, if it suits you, you can make some decent returns.

Until a few weeks ago, I didn’t even know what WeWork was (nor, for that matter, how difficult it is to say “what WeWork was” five times, fast).* Turns out that the company is one of the largest providers of on-demand work space. Think of it as the Uber of office space. You can rent an office long-term, get pop-ins when you need them,¬†and everything in between. Prices look reasonable and the colleague who told me about it had nice things to say. And no, I’m not being sponsored by WeWork to say that.

The cheapest plan is the “Hot Desk,” which gets you a space to work 24/7. They’ll give you 500 points just to take a tour but, if you sign up for a 3-month “Hot Desk” subscription, they’ll give you 20,000 TrueBlue points.* I value those points at about $300, which could cover the first month of your plan.


*Admit it, you tried it. Don’t worry, I’ll keep it between us.

*Beginner’s Hint: JetBlue has the best proprietary credit card in the industry, hands down. One of the benefits of the JetBlue Plus Card is that they will redeem 10% of your points on every redemption. For example, if you redeem for a flight that costs you 25,000 points, they’ll gift you back 2,500. Thus, credit card holders can add another 10% to the value of any rebate.


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