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July 2016 archive

Jul 31

Two Well-Known Travel Hacks (That You Should Never Use)

travel hack

Everybody has their favorite travel hacks to get them through their trips (My personal favorite is how to jailbreak a hotel thermostat.) But just because a trick shows up in the media doesn’t make it a good one. Here are two that you hear about occasionally but could end up backfiring: Using A Mileage Broker Ever see …

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Jul 29

Just How Badly Did Citibank Gut The Prestige Card?

When I first wrote about the Citibank Prestige card, I noted that the benefits that it offered not only offset the annual fee but also represented a massive overreach in terms of what they were offering. In other words, the perks were simply too good. Apparently, they agreed. They haven’t quite gutted the card, but …

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Jul 28

Rocket Miles: 10,000 Miles Plus A Potential Bonus


I’ve talked about Rocketmiles before, a site that gives you miles instead of hotel points to book through them. You may or may not get your hotel points, but you’ll get a ton of airline points instead by booking through them. Their rates for hotel rooms are usually similar to, if not the same as, …

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Jul 26

Bits And Pieces from around The Industry

Double Starwood Points at Tribute Hotels So the cool new thing for hotel chains to do these days is to pretend that they aren’t chains. Of course, given the nature of the product, that’s not always an easy thing to do. So many of the major chains are creating “sub-brands,” or boutique hotels within a …

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Jul 25

Southwest: Breakdown Leads to Fare Sale Extension

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend of pidgey-grinding. Back to the show: Last week, Southwest Airlines suffered a massive technical breakdown, delaying passengers, causing cancelled flights and a meltdown of their website. It was bad for the passengers, made even more so by the fact that Southwest planes normally spend very little time on the …

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Jul 22

Are Bank Credit Card Points The Way To Go?

I’m normally not a big fan of having points just for the sake of having them (unless you got those points for free). There’s no need, for instance, to apply for a United Airlines credit card if you are never going to fly them. Thus, do you need Chase Ultimate Rewards points or Citibank ThankYou …

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Jul 20

Lufthansa Surprise: Guess Where You’re Going?

This feature from Lufthansa may be something that I never get to use, but I have to admit, it looks pretty cool. Surprise! If you’ve got a lot of time, flexibility and live near Frankfurt or Munich, Lufty has something for you. It’s not an opportunity that many of my readers will be able to …

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Jul 19

Is Citi Prestige Eliminating Admirals Club Access in 2017?

Well, this is ugly. Citibank seems to have prematurely leaked information that it will be eliminating Admirals Club access in June, 2017, as one of the benefits of the card. If true, that would significantly impact the value of what has been my favorite travel credit card. Lounge Benefits This card has been my favorite …

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Jul 17

Just A Couple Of Weekend Tidbits

Normally, I’m happy if I get one good bit of info from a single source in a week. But two? Hey, twice as good. Why Do We Need A Seatbelt Demonstration? It’s a plane ritual. No matter what class of service, destination or amount of luggage you carry, you’re going to get the seatbelt demonstration. …

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Jul 15

Shocker: The Airlines Lose A Round in Washington

I had a few other topics I wanted to talk about today, but they are going to have to wait a day so that I can discuss the new FAA reauthorization bill. And, before your eyes roll, I’ll tell you that there are a few pieces in it that might interest you. The most important …

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