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February 2016 archive

Feb 29

Out of Office Notice

All, I’ll be traveling for much of the next two weeks, so posts won’t be daily. I’ll fit a few in here and there. Thanks! Want to subscribe? Just enter your email in the box above (and to the right) and click on the confirmation. GMailers, check your Social or Promotions boxes! Follow me on …

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Feb 27

Bed Bugs, Unwritten Rules and JetBlue’s Viral Video

It’s just been another odd week. Bed Bugs on BA Eww. Not only did British Airways fly a plane with bed bugs in it but, apparently, it also knew that there was a bug problem and that it hadn’t been completely cleaned up. Oddly, the bugs chose to fly coach, leading the passengers in row …

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Feb 25

Two Methods To Get 25,000 Miles (That I Will Never Use)

As the guy who has done mileage runs to three different continents, I’d be hard pressed to say that there are many things that I wouldn’t be tempted to do for miles. Granted, I’d never consider getting laser surgery for a free trip, but there’s no question that loyalty programs do exactly what they’re meant …

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Feb 24

All Kinds of Fun Credit Card Stuff

Credit card opportunities are always beginning, ending or moving down under. Here are a few things to keep in mind. 75,000 Points for a Hilton Visa Just as Marriott upped the ante last week, Hilton has raised its bonus, too. You’ll now get a 75,000 bonus for signing up and spending $2,000 in the first …

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Feb 23

Five Things I Like about JetBlue (And Four I Don’t)

If I’m flying coach, I want to be on JetBlue. They simply do the best job in-flight. Here are five things that I like (and four that I don’t) about the airline What I like The seats. Not only is the pitch (legroom) 3-4 inches bigger than its domestic competitors (30-31 inches) but they’re also …

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Feb 22

The Worst Devaluation Yet (And Now, for Something A Little Different )

Ouch. I’ve seen a lot of devaluations in my time, but this one really hurts. In fact, I can’t think of one that hurts as many people as this one does. The Good Ol’ Days… Loyalty programs change all the time, and those changes are rarely for the better. Such is the case with today’s …

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Feb 20

Another Week in the World of Travel…

Well, it’s been one of those weeks… Hotel Woes Usually, if an airline cancels your flight for a reason other than weather, it is responsible for finding you a room. If you’re flying Hainan, though, you might want to consider finding your own. Two women got to spend a romantic Valentine’s evening in a 50 …

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Feb 17

Marriott Bonus Points, Lounge Upgrades at American

Marriott Every company is getting into the social media game and Marriott is no exception. It’s offering you a bonus to link your various accounts to them and will provide future bonuses based on, well, I’m not quite sure. It hints at sending you emails and offers which will get you bonus points if you …

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Feb 16

Two Hints When Flying with Kids

I just flew one of those flights that everyone dreads: a trip from the northeast to Florida during a vacation period. The only plus side to being with a screaming child is that everyone else on the plane has a screaming child. If you are flying alone, bring a good pair of headphones.* It was …

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Feb 12

Chase Giveth, Chase Taketh Away and American Addeth…

There’s some interesting stuff related to Chase floating around on the Interweb today, as well as a nice touch from American Airlines for delayed flights. Here’s a look: Chase giveth… Chase is back with another great Marriott Rewards card. In fact, this is the best one that I’ve ever seen. Not only does it offer …

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