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November 2015 archive

Nov 30

It’s Curtains for Delta’s Comfort Plus

Several months ago, Delta Airlines announced the launch of Comfort Plus, a section of the plane between coach and first. C+ will offer goodies such as increased leg room, priority boarding, better snacks and improved service. Ya know, like flying used to be. And I missed the best part of it. In October, they announced …

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Nov 28

Hotels: A Bonus, a Contest and a Fee

Hope everyone has had a nice weekend so far. Here’s a few items on my “catch-up” list: 2,500 Starwood (SPG) Points As hotels look to save on labor costs, one way to do so is at the front desk, similar to the self-checkout kiosks at drugstores or supermarkets. Starwood is offering a one-time bonus of …

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Nov 26

New Shopping and Travel Rebates Page

In honor of black Friday, I’ve added a new “Shopping & Travel Rebates” tab in the black bar right above this post. What is it? I’ve talked about shopping portals before and haven’t yet figured out why they’re not more popular. A shopping portal is simply a way of getting money back at an online …

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Nov 26

Just for Fun: Maximizing Black Friday at CVS

There are four truly great days of the year at CVS: The third day after Halloween, the third day after Easter, the third Day after Christmas and Black Friday. The first three are the days that all the candy from the holiday goes on sale. It will start at 50% off and, a few days …

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Nov 25

Good Luck Out there Today-Prepare for Lines

To all those traveling, good luck and give yourself plenty of time this weekend. Given the current political environment, you’re likely to be waiting a long time, even if you have pre-check. I’ve seen airlines telling people to show up as much as three hours early. Oy. But congratulations on getting out there. I’ve talked …

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Nov 23

A Father Turns TSA Lemons into Lemonade (And How You Can Help)

I’m going to leave this post up for a day or two in the hopes that it gets a few hits. If anything noteworthy happens, I’m going to put yesterday’s date on it and it can be found after this post. I think every blogger has days when they really look forward to writing, and …

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Nov 21

Hilton Hhonors: Yet Another Bonus

One thing about Hilton this year is that their bonuses have been pretty generous. And it’s adding to that pattern. December Nightly Bonus This one’s easy. Simply sign up here an you’ll earn an additional 2,500 points for every stay of two nights or more. It’s not a ton, but it’s free. Even better, the …

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Nov 19

Delta Bans Pets in Cargo and the TSA Confiscates More Imaginary Items

Cargo Ban on Pets As of March 1, 2016, pet owners will no longer be able to travel with their four-legged friends in the cargo hold. Frankly, I’m surprised that it took this long, because Delta has been one of the main offenders when it comes to pet deaths on airplanes, with 74 pets having …

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Nov 17

A Hotel Merger; A $500+ Credit Card Sign-up Bonus; Booking Delta Comfort+

I’ll be traveling for the next few days. The time between posts may be longer than usual. There’s one benefit to airport lounges that is vastly underrated: Listening to all the business people holding “confidential” meetings, negotiations, etc. over their cell phones at the top of their voices. It never gets old. Marriott to Acquire …

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Nov 15

Five Reasons to Go to Paris

Friday afternoon, I was speaking with a friend of mine in Paris as she was walking down the street. A few minutes into the conversation, she burst out laughing: She had seen a man walking a pig. She made me wait while she went over to talk to the owner and pet his little Gaston …

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