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September 2015 archive

Sep 30

Three indulgent attractions around the world worth seeing

I use a number of different sources on any given day to decide what I am going to write about, including the news, reader requests (I need more of those, by the way.) and, of course, the internet. One of my favorite sites is actually CNN travel. They rarely have stories about miles, but they …

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Sep 29

Discover Card Bonus categories for Q4

I try not to do too many credit card posts in a row, but Discover just released its fourth quarter bonus categories, and this one is always a money-maker. Nothing particularly complicated:┬áIn terms of simplicity, yesterday’s post was a 1, on a scale of 1-10. Today’s is a 3. A bit more work, but definitely …

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Sep 28

The best everyday credit card: Citi Double Cash

Okay, that’s kind of an unfair title. There’s no such thing as a single credit card that is best for everyone. But, if you aren’t playing the game where you try to max out every category, it might just be easier to take a very good return on every purchase. The easiest way to do …

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Sep 27

Alaska-Iceland Air partnership, and the last days of US Airways

Alaska Air and Iceland Air have danced before, but they’re doing the tango now as they formalized a partnership that begins on October 1. The casual flyer might not be paying much attention to this combination, but it could have some great results for you. In the past, I’ve discussed Alaska as one of the …

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Sep 25

Earn up to 150,000 Copa (Star Alliance) miles

I don’t speak a lot about Copa, since I don’t have a lot of readers who fly it (It is hubbed in Panama City and connects a lot of north-south traffic.) but, in the tradition of LatinPass, it is offering 150,000 miles to fly to 10 new destinations between October 1 and March 31, 2016. …

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Sep 23

Big American Airlines bonuses to Europe, increased Chase Ink bonus

There are a couple of interesting bonuses out there now. Both involve a bit of work, but what kind of fun would it be if they just gave them to you? Actually, it would be a lot of fun, but the world doesn’t work that way. AA (and BA, which has a link on its …

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Sep 22

Le Meridien Etoile Paris: A quick trip review

I was in Paris last week for business and stayed at the Meridien Etoile. Not much time for sightseeing on the trip, but if you are in the 17th arrondissement, it’s not a bad place to stay. Note: It is not located in a prime tourist area, but the price was right and Paris isn’t …

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Sep 21

Cuba, and points for cruising

You’ll have to excuse me as I get over an extended case of jet lag and dealing with French cab drivers. Very stressful, and not necessarily in that order. As you know by now, Cuba has opened up to US citizens. If you want to travel there, though, the best way to do it may …

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Sep 20

Quick hit on Virgin America status

For those of you with a ton of Amex Membership Rewards points and no ideas where to put them, here’s an idea: Between now and October 8, American Express is offering a 25% bonus on transfers to Virgin America and, if you transfer 80,000 points by December 31, you’ll earn Gold elite status on Virgin …

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Sep 19

Europe in focus on flight delay compensation

A couple of days ago, a court in Luxembourg ruled that spontaneous mechanical issues (those that are not discovered during routine maintenance) do not constitute an extraordinary event outside of the airline’s control and that they do not excuse the carrier from paying flight delay compensation. And that’s good for travelers. Let’s back up a …

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