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June 2015 archive

Jun 30

JetBlue bag fees start tomorrow; another one bites the dust

We’re down to one domestic airline with free bags, as JetBlue will start charging for checked bags tomorrow, leaving Southwest as the lone freebie. Mosaic (elite) members will still get two free bags, as will anyone on their itinerary. JetBlue is moving to a fare system called “bundling.” It operates like cable, where you choose …

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Jun 29

I give up: You should get the British Airways Visa, (especially if you live in the US!)

Certain cards mentioned may give me a commission if you order them through my site. I thank you in advance. I give up. I’ve been waiting and waiting for British Airways to turn on its 100,000 Avios (the fancy BA term for miles) promo for its Visa card. It’s clearly not happening, and thus, I sadly have …

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Jun 27

Another example of why it’s important to keep an eye on your reservations…

It’s rare that there’s a problem with a reservation after you book it. Normally, you buy your ticket, show up at the airport and fly. Every once in a while, the airline will change your flight time or plane type and, even more rarely, your flight will get cancelled and you get rebooked. True nightmares …

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Jun 25

Foreign transaction fees on credit cards…

I received a question the other day about foreign transaction fees on credit cards, which I also refer to as “because they can” fees. These fees are just what they sound like: if you make a purchase abroad (or purchase from a merchant located abroad), they will charge you an extra 1-3% for the privilege. …

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Jun 23

JetBlue’s Mint is coming to Boston

It was exactly 20 days ago that I told a reader that Mint would be coming to Boston when the hellmouth froze over. So much for that, as the temperature just dropped precipitously in Sunnydale; this morning, JetBlue announced Mint service from Boston to San Francisco, Los Angeles and Barbados. San Francisco and seasonal Saturday Barbados …

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Jun 22

Boeing Dreamliner does a vertical takeoff at the Paris airshow

Okay, this is just cool. For those of you who have never seen a vertical take-off, this 787 was awfully impressive at the Paris Airshow. No amount of miles would get me on that plane, though. Well, maybe for a really good promo, I’d consider it… Want to subscribe? Just enter your email in the …

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Jun 21

About credit scores

Over the past few days, I have gotten a barrage of questions about credit scores. Okay, it was two, but ’round these here parts, that counts as a barrage. There are a fair amount of urban legends regarding credit scores, and nobody outside the companies that create these scores knows every detail, but most of …

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Jun 19

Amex loses a case; what impact will it have

According to the Wall Street Journal, a judge in February ruled against American Express in a case that will allow merchants to offer a discount for using a card other than Amex. The article is behind a paywall, but I’ll give a few basics and why it matters. Until recently, merchants generally couldn’t offer a …

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Jun 18

Hilton: 5,000 bonus points per stay through July 6

This is why you should read your email on a daily basis. Yesterday, Hilton sent around a promotion offering 5,000 bonus points per stay at any Hilton property, between now and July 6. Make sure to read through the sparse terms and conditions at the bottom, which indicate that you also need to sign up …

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Jun 17

Uber, Lyft, Bridj and the death of the taxi

I’ve recently become fascinated with transportation sharing services, both because they give me lots of free things and they have, in a short period, so significantly transformed the way we get around. Zipcar, which may already past its peak, was founded only 15 years ago. Uber was founded in just 2009, will generate $10 billion …

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