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April 2015 archive

Apr 29

1,000 free American Airlines miles. No, seriously, free.

It’s rare that airlines just give you miles for doing nothing, but AA is offering something about as close as you can get.  On its Learn and Earn page, AA is awarding points for taking one question quizzes.  150 points for each of six quizzes, and then another 100 for doing all six.  A member …

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Apr 28

Free travel from getting “bumped”

It’s always nice to hear a story where the airline passenger wins in the end.  Monday morning, I heard such a story. We were flying from Minneapolis (MSP) to Boston on an early morning flight.  With our kids practically comatose from a 5 am wake-up call*, we looked for the safest seats at the gate …

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Apr 25

A short review of Delta Comfort+

As IT and revenue management becomes increasingly more sophisticated, they have allowed airlines to segment their customers more effectively and develop new products for sale.  Like it or not, airlines are profit-seeking enterprises, and if they determine that they could make money by charging for oxygen on the flight, at least one or two would …

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Apr 23

Out of Office notice

I’ll be on the road for the next several days, so postings will be limited. In the meantime, here’s a new idea on how to keep your yard free of invasive plants.  If it’s good enough for PDX, it’s good enough for me. Want to subscribe? Just enter your email in the box above (and …

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Apr 22

A stunning “Uber-“deal from Capital One for Uber users…

I try not to get too excited about credit card bonuses, since I have an inherent conflict of interest, but commissions from this one are going as a gift to the person who told me about the deal (It’s actually going to their kid.).  And frankly, it’s too good to pass up. The Capital One …

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Apr 21

The greatest airline seat ever (which you can’t sit in)

A reader sent me an article today* about the Thompson Aero Cozy Suite, an idea whose time came about twenty years ago.  In a row of three, the seats are staggered, giving each person a little bit more of space when climbing over their neighbor to get out.  Instead of the back reclining, the front …

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Apr 20

Using AAA for savings at hotels, rental cars (and other good stuff)

The last time I thought about AAA, it was in a discussion of things that technology has made obsolete, such as typewriters*, VCRs and that clicking sound that the dial made when you changed the channel manually on the TV.  As for AAA, I’m referring to TripTiks**, the all-knowing map that someone at the company …

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Apr 19

Southwest devalues Rapid Rewards points. Again.

And here we go.  One of the downsides to Southwest’s program is the airline’s tendency to change the value of points about once per year.  Say what you will about the legacy carriers, but they tend to hit you all at once.  Southwest is death by 1,000 cuts. We knew that there was a “change” …

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Apr 18

Earning Etihad miles for trip reviews

Etihad is not a program that you run into every day, although it is the operator of what I have labeled the ultimate first class experience.  It has a number of partners around the world, including American in the US.  The airline is a glaring example of Rule #1, which is to sign up for …

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Apr 16

Tidbits from around the industry: Starwood hotels, the economy class squeeze

Starwood Hotels, owner of Westin, Sheraton and a few others, announced that it is launching its tenth brand, the Tribute Portfolio.  Tribute hotels are actually independent hotels that “associate” with Starwood, meaning that they use Starwood’s reservation system and, in return, offer Starwood members points, elite benefits, etc.  The relationship is highly synergistic: Independent hotels …

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