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March 2015 archive

Mar 31

Why you should always be prepared when booking travel

My friend Mike, the author of the blog Travelzork, is an interesting character.  Everyone has their niches, and he has a couple, including European travel, casino freebies and high-end alcohol (His blog covers the first two well and mentions the third, which is usually found near him when he’s experiencing one of the first two.).  …

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Mar 29

Cash Back shopping: So long, BigCrumbs

It happened again: Picking Arizona for the Final Four cost me, as they couldn’t get by Wisconsin.  On the plus side, I’ve still got three remaining (with Michigan State helping me for the second straight year).  It happens. Long-time readers will know that I am a big fan of cash back shopping sites as a …

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Mar 27

A few notes on traveling and airport security

Other than the American/US Airways mileage integration, which starts tomorrow, it has actually been a very quiet week for miles.  Normally, there’s a good credit card bonus to talk about, but I’m just not in the mood today.  But something else did catch my eye.  Actually, it was two somethings, and both related to the …

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Mar 25

Final details on AA and US Airways merged programs

As seen here. AA and US are finally going to merge their programs this Friday and, based on what I’ve seen from AA’s management (Technically, the team came from US Airways and that team came from America West, but why quibble?), it should go relatively smoothly.  Note that this integration is not the difficult one …

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Mar 24

Wall Street Journal talks cash back cards, but doesn’t get the whole story

It’s that time of year when a young man’s thoughts turn to those of college basketball.  A week ago, I would have been hard-pressed to tell you the name of the Wichita State basketball team or, for that matter, anything else about Wichita State.  Now, I’m counting on them to save my brackets which, much …

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Mar 23

Judging the values of redemptions…

I’ve talked a lot about the best ways to earn miles, but not as much about redeeming them.  So here’s a few things to consider when you are getting ready to spend your miles: Most airlines open up redemptions at the same time as putting tickets up for sale.  You will generally have good availability just …

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Mar 20

The world is on sale! A strong dollar is your travel friend

I’m going to be away for the weekend but, before I go, here’s some good news for you that are still planning your summer vacation. The world has gone on sale.  Well, I should amend that: Prices are the same, but you’ll get more for your dollar these days, with the strength in the greenback …

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Mar 18

JetBlue updates schedule through 1/4/16

While most of the major carriers allow you to plan trips 330 (or more) days in advance, the low-cost carriers don’t usually go out that far.  Since they have few partnerships or hubs, they have the flexibility to move planes around to manage supply and demand trends. JetBlue just loaded its schedule through June 4, …

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Mar 17

American Airlines and US Airways prepare to merge mileage programs

It’s almost that time.  Sometime next calendar quarter, AA and US Airways will be combining their programs as the airlines face the integration, which is largely a 2015 event.  I tend to believe that the integration will go well; unlike with the United-Continental merger, where everything that could go wrong did so, US Airways (who …

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Mar 15

Cruising with United and “alternative” awards

Airline miles can be used to travel all over the world.  If you have enough of them, you can do it in a premium class of service, as well. The airlines are also happy to let you use miles to buy non-airline products, as well.  You can generally book hotels, restaurant gift cards, etc. using …

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