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January 2015 archive

Jan 29

Big Spender, Part II: One good and one horrid credit card

The usual rules apply: I may receive a commission if you are approved for a card through my link.  Thank you in advance! Here’s part 2 of the best cards for big spenders and heavy travelers.  One of the cards, I really like and will be applying for it in the spring.  The other is …

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Jan 28

British Airways ups reward levels, but the best deals are still good (and why you should care)

Last year, I talked about the British Airways frequent flyer program and why it matter even if you don’t live in the UK.  The short version is: BA determines the amount of miles (or “avios,” as BA calls them) you need for a flight by the distance of the flight, not the continent or the …

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Jan 27

Hey big spender, what’s in your wallet? Part I, American Express Platinum

I’ve recently gotten two questions regarding credit cards and decided to make them into one topic.  The questions were about the best card for big spenders/heavy travelers and the second was about credit cards that offer lounge access.  Note that none of these cards come without a hefty fee and, unless you are a frequent …

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Jan 27

Double miles at Intercontinental, extra SPG Platinum bonuses and Valentine’s Day flowers…

For those who prefer to earn miles instead of hotel points, you can get double miles at Intercontinental (and other ICH hotels) through April 30.  Generally, you won’t get nearly as much value from a hotel when you take miles instead of their in-house “currency,” but double miles is not a bad deal. Starwood is …

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Jan 25

JetBlue extends schedule, winter storm Juno

JetBlue extended its schedule until October 24, meaning that you can book flights through those dates.  Most of the major airlines have schedules that go out 330 days, but a lot of the low-cost/non-network carriers have shorter periods.  Not booking too far out allows them to manipulate their schedules just a little better.  Being part …

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Jan 23

Intercontinental ups card bonus to 70,000 points

(Note: I do not receive any compensation for this card.  Just part of the service ’round these here parts.) Intercontinental’s Priority Club is not my favorite program.  The owner of the ICH brand, as well as Holiday Inn and a few others, is not known for generous perks, although they do run a ton of …

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Jan 22

Specials on Virgin and travel hints in the media

By the way, my apologies to those of you who typed in a risqué Google search and ended up here.  I’m talking about Virgin the airlines. Because of ownership restrictions, Virgin America and Virgin Atlantic have only loose ties, but both carry Richard Branson’s signature touches and both are offering some interesting specials. Our domestic …

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Jan 20

It’s sale season, and the low-cost carriers are producing

We’re into the quieter season of travel.  With the exception of February break, the first few months of the year are relatively quiet for the airlines, with fewer business travelers, so the sales come out.  Keep in mind, however, that if you are going from someplace cold to someplace warm, unless you’re going mid-week, this …

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Jan 19

Keep an eye on your airfare, even if your fare is non-refundable

Back in “the good old days,” which weren’t actually so good from a pricing point of view, it was easy to change a ticket.  Simply call the airline and it would be taken care of.  Price drop on a ticket you bought?  Just call the airline (with no fee to speak to a representative!) and …

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Jan 17

United matches American on premium ticket bonus

United has announced that it is giving bonus miles for passengers flying in premium cabins between now and February 28.  Conveniently, its new dollar-based system for earning miles starts on March 1, so you have only six weeks to take advantage of the bonus for paying a ton of money to fly before you, well, …

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