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December 2014 archive

Dec 31

Southwest Sale, Shopping Portal

Southwest Airlines launched a flash fare sale, good through tomorrow.  The fares are decent, but not great.  The plus side to Southwest is that they don’t charge the nickel-and-diming fees that most other carriers do.  There’s no fee to change your tickets and no fee for the first or second bag, so the fare is …

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Dec 29

When not to get a reward credit card…

I was just reading an article that described travel bloggers as credit card salespeople with a website. Yup, there are days… Having said that, there are definitely times when you should be passing on the credit card offer. Here’s a couple: If you carry a balance: Banks buy the rewards points from their airline/hotel/etc. affinity …

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Dec 28

How Spirit gets away with a baggage fee twist and rule #1 in airline pricing

I was recently reviewing Spirit Airlines’s baggage fees for no particular reason (Yes, this stuff is fun for me.) when I noticed something odd: the fee to carry on a bag is actually higher than the fee to check your first bag. From an economic standpoint, those fees make no sense.  The cost to the …

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Dec 26

Delta upgrades: When good things happen to good people

It hasn’t been a great year for most Delta frequent flyers, with a host of new rules coming into place and an upcoming transition to miles earned based on dollars spent, not on miles flown.  But that can work to a traveler’s benefit, as well, based on how carefully you are watching your flight. About …

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Dec 24

Hotels: Bonus points from Intercontinental, free Wi-Fi from Hyatt

Intercontinental announced that it is offering double miles to customers who earn airline miles instead of points, through April 30.  ICH is never overly generous with these promos, though, and this one is no exception, with bonus points limited to 10,000.  Of course, since you only get 1-2 miles per dollar spent (in almost all …

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Dec 23

Tuesday tidbits

Not much going on in the mileage world, but here’s a few interesting ones: Check your email for something from Virgin America.  I got an email offering me 500 free points for signing up for their online deals.  Since I was already signed up, I got 500 points for, well, nothing.  Not a bad trade. …

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Dec 22

Travel tips for the holidays

We’re approaching one of the most stressful times of the year, the holiday travel period. If you’re travelling during this time, here are a few reminders that will help things go much more smoothly: Ahead of Time Verify now that you have seat assignments for your flight. Remember, you may have confirmed tickets, but that …

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Dec 20

Shopping for charity at Amazon Smile

With only five shopping days left until Christmas, we’re getting into crunch time.  As you know, I’m a big fan of using online shopping malls for any of my purchases, getting either miles or cash back.  But there’s one major retailer that does not participate in the shopping rebates for the majority of its products: …

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Dec 18

Starwood announces free internet for guests: Let the war begin!

Technically, Intercontinental was the first of the Big 4 hotels to offer internet to everyone (as long as you are a member of the rewards program), but Starwood made the biggest splash when it announced free internet for guests who book at, the hotel’s website (or on the app).  Previously, gold members could choose …

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Dec 16

Intercontinental: One big promotion (good) and one big purchase (bad)

I’ll hit the good stuff first.  Intercontinental just launched its “set your sights” promotion, which is almost exactly the same as the Into the Nights promotion earlier this year.  In fact, the promotion is so similar that they have the same glitch on their website that makes it difficult to sign up.  Keep trying, you’ll …

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