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September 2014 archive

Sep 30

Redeeming miles on Delta

Redeeming Miles: Note: The actual mechanics of booking the flight and understanding an award chart can be found here. There are very few experiences that are more frustrating than booking a Delta award ticket.  Perhaps waiting on hold for customer service while listening to a cheery voice tell you how much the company values your …

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Sep 28

Delta: What you need to know about earning miles

It quickly became apparent to me that trying to do one post with everything that you need to know about Delta is too much for one post, so I’m going to split it up a bit.  Since earning and redeeming miles are what most people are interested in, we’ll start there. With 2014 almost over, …

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Sep 27

People Express Part II cut short

For those of you who couldn’t wait to take the second incarnation of People Express, the 1980s low-cost carrier, you may have to wait a little longer.  According to the Wall Street Journal, PE has shut down for now but plans a relaunch in mid-October.  Other than not having enough crew, planes or funding, the …

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Sep 26

Do I need a travel agent? How about insurance?

The last few weeks have been a little crazy, so there have been more informational than mileage posts over the past several days.  Look for a return to mileage posts, including soup-to-nuts examinations of Delta’s and Marriott’s frequent flyer/points programs, the two for whom I get the most requests. My adventure last week made me thankful that I …

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Sep 24

Delta to add options for frequent flyer miles use

Note: Over the next few days, I will not be checking the blog and probably not doing much with email.  Thank you for your understanding. When frequent flyer programs were first invented, nobody realized exactly how profitable they would become.  Airlines have made a big business of selling to merchants, banks and even consumers.  Typically, …

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Sep 23

American and BA offer up to 125,000 miles for Transatlantic flights

Whipping out the big guns, which is something that they do every year around this time of year, American and British Airways have both put out offers that can reward you richly if you fly across the Atlantic in a premium cabin between September 23 and January 10.  Note that you must register to earn …

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Sep 23

Non-refundable tickets: How to minimize the damage when you need to make a change

A reader recently sent me a question about the best way to make a change to her non-refundable tickets.  Her situation was that she had purchased non-refundable tickets on US Airways in March for a trip to Hawaii this October.  Due to a medical condition that affected one of the travelers, they had to postpone …

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Sep 22

JetBlue CEO Dave Barger retires. Here come the fees…

Having been out of town for a week, I’m busy getting over jet lag and should be back on a more regular schedule this week. Well, it happened.  As expected, CEO Dave Barger announced his resignation and is passing the reins to current president Robin Hayes, as of February 16.  Normally, a CEO succession would …

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Sep 18

A few airline promotions: American, United

Here’s a few of the better promos that are currently on the market.  You may or may not benefit, but it’s worth registering, just in case. Club Carlson isn’t my primary hotel program, but I do consider it to be one of, if not the, most generous.  There is a very easy promotion going on now. …

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Sep 17

Double-dipping with Hilton (corrected version)

(I have corrected information below regarding the Citi American Express Hilton credit card.  In the original post, I meant to write that you get Diamond status once you spend $40,000.)   I spent last night at the Concorde Opera Paris, the newest Hilton property in the city (Insert Paris Hilton joke here.).  And while that sounds …

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