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June 2014 archive

Jun 30

Using American Airlines Aanytime Awards

Until June 1, one of the best use of miles anywhere was the AA Aanytime Award (AAAA).  When you couldn’t find an award seat at standard price, you could pay double and American would open any seat in your class of service for you.  Granted, it cost 100% more miles, but it solved a lot …

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Jun 29

And, in the world of airline crime…

In the world of airline crime, I’ll be introducing Michael Yedor and Paul Anderson today.  Over the past ten years, the two allegedly conspired to take Delta for more than $22 million.  Ouch. Apparently, Mr. Anderson was an employee at Northwest Airlines and Delta, and he is accused of having worked with Mr. Yedor by …

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Jun 27

Friday Tidbits: A few points, a little news

Rocketmiles is offering 1,000 miles on your next booking if you can predict who will win the World Cup.  Personally, I feel that if you know who is going to win the cup, you should be on the next flight to Vegas, but that’s just me. The TSA security fee is set to go up on …

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Jun 26

AA Citibank credit card with 100,000 mile bonus may be gone. Maybe.

Not new news, but Citibank officially removed the promotion for the American Airlines credit card with the 100,000 miles bonus from its website.  It’s been a great run and many people were able to take advantage of it to earn several hundred thousand miles by applying for numerous cards. But the plot thickens.  According to …

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Jun 25

More insight into Delta: Lists Boston as an “international gateway”

In a press release yesterday, Delta discussed its Automated Passport Control (APC) kiosks, which speed up the customs process.  In the release, it listed all of its main international gateways, including Boston. Boston?  Don’t get me wrong, I consider my hometown to be as important as any other city (Let’s hope Kevin Love thinks so, also, …

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Jun 24

Hey Big Spenders: Up to 100,000 AA miles flying to Asia

Well, AA has jumped into the Asia promo game, but it’s best if you’re using OPM (other people’s money), because to max this one out, you’ll be spending a lot of money.  The bonuses are for flying from Chicago to Shanghai or Dallas to either Shanghai or Hong Kong. Flying First or Business Class?  Congrats, …

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Jun 24

Rocketmiles: Earn miles for hotel stays

For those looking to maximize their miles, there’s a way to earn airline miles for hotel bookings, and the payback is very good. Simply use Rocketmiles.comto book your hotel stay and you’re on your way. Here’s how it works: has a relationship with hotels in a number of cities and earns a commission for …

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Jun 23

Why do 45-minute flights get scheduled for an hour and a half?

In the history of the world, no one has ever been on a flight that has taken off (as in, “left the ground) when the schedule said it would.  True, part of it is related to that one guy who always seems be trying to jam a piano into the overhead, but really, by the …

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Jun 22

Why vacations will be more expensive over the next few years

When it comes down to it, airfares are only a part of the cost of a vacation.  And if you’re gone for several days or in a major city, they might not even be the largest cost.  That honor could very well belong to the hotel. Unlike airlines, which have seen somewhat of a renaissance in …

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Jun 20

Is Delta targeting Boston?

On Monday, Delta issued a press release announcing the launch of Seattle-Hong Kong service.  It’s no secret that Alaska Air and Delta are in a skirmish in Seattle (mentioned here), as Delta looks for a west coast hub for its Asian flights.  So when Delta listed Seattle among its “key hubs and markets,” nobody should have been …

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