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January 2014 archive

Jan 31

It’s been a quiet week…

So I didn’t want you to think that I had forgotten about you. ¬†ūüôā Next week, I’m going to prep for Valentine’s Day by seeing where you can get the most miles for your dollars on flowers. ¬†Hey, every bit helps! Want to subscribe? Just enter your email in the box above (and to the …

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Jan 29

American, US Airways: bonus miles for flying each other

Here’s a new one: As American and US Airways work through the merger, they’re trying extra hard to make the passengers see them as one airline. ¬†Bonus miles always does that for me.   Click here¬†to register for the American side of the promo, which gives you 50% extra AA miles when you fly on …

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Jan 27

Why you need a Facebook and Twitter account, even if you hate Facebook and Twitter

This post is for those of you who don’t have FB or Twitter and don’t want one. ¬†Yeah, I know, they’re annoying and generate privacy concerns. ¬†But those problems are solvable. The fact remains that social media is becoming the number one outlet for airlines to release specials and bonuses, and the gap versus other …

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Jan 24

Jet Blue: What are badges?

As a way to make the loyalty program “fun and competitive,” Jet Blue offers its TrueBlue frequent flyer members an additional “award” known as badges. ¬†Primarily just fun to look at and keep track of your trips, certain badges also offer you free points. ¬†Connect your Twitter account, for instance, and get 250 points. ¬†Connect …

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Jan 21

Jet Blue adds promotions

There’s nothing like the smell of desperation in the air, and the odor is coming from Jet Blue, which is becoming increasingly marginalized as the major carriers merge. ¬†Fortunately, Jet Blue has been kind enough to throw a few bonuses our way. The first one is double elite status points through March 3. ¬†You need …

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Jan 17

How much is a mile worth, anyway?

As you’ve noticed, in the areas where I reference earning miles for shopping, I also offer options for receiving cash back. ¬†That may not make sense on a site dedicated to frequent flyer miles, but I don’t want my readers to lose sight of one fact: While frequent flyer miles are fun to collect (Some …

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Jan 14

Orbitz: My top choice for online travel sites

One of the mistakes that I make is assuming that readers always read through these posts in chronological order. ¬†Most just start from the top and go backwards. ¬†Thus, I’d suggest reading the Expedia post below before reading this one. Bottom line: Orbitz is by far the better program. ¬†It’s not even close. ¬†Here are …

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Jan 13

Expedia: Double up your rewards through this travel website

While many of us book our flights and hotels directly through the company’s website, there is a way to double up on rewards. ¬†All of the major online travel companies (Expedia, Travelocity, etc.) have reward programs that encourage you to book through them. ¬†These points are in addition to any miles you earn on a …

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Jan 07

American and US Airways start the merger benefits

With US Airways having officially bought American Airlines (although the new airline will keep the American Airlines name), the combo has started to merge their benefits, as anticipated. ¬†With the American name remaining, most of the frequent flyer benefits will remain on the American side. In terms of earning and burning miles, flights on either …

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Jan 06

Elite Status: New year, more miles needed

Earlier, I discussed the difference between redeemable miles and miles toward elite status. ¬†Redeemable miles are those you use to get free flights. ¬†Elite status miles are based on the number of miles you fly each year and reset at the beginning of each year. ¬†They are a “phantom” points system that help you earn …

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